IAN BLACKFORD:MP for Ross, Skye & Lochaber


The SNP has condemned the Prime Minister for the chaos engulfing the UK government over Brexit, and their failure to keep their promise to protect Scotland’s devolved powers.

In Prime Minister’s Questions, SNP Westminster Leader Ian Blackford MP highlighted the failure of the Secretary of State for Scotland who promised to make amendments to the legislation for leaving the EU. 

David Mundell apologised yesterday for missing the deadline to lodge the amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill which would prevent a power grab of powers from Holyrood. UK government amendments published today (Wednesday 10th January 2018) do nothing to amend Clause 11 or prevent the power grab that the Scottish Parliament faces.

SNP MP Pete Wishart asked the Prime Minister what score she would give herself on a scale of 1-10 on her government’s work on Brexit, and held a card saying ‘nul points’ in the chamber.

A survey published yesterday confirms there is growing concern that the Tories are taking us down a ‘reckless and damaging’ Brexit path – with a full 69% of Scots responding that they think the UK government is handling the process badly, up 12 points. 

Commenting, Ian Blackford MP said:

“The Tories never tire of promising Scotland everything and delivering nothing. The Scottish Tories promised the people of Scotland a ‘powers bonanza’ when it is a powers rip off. It is a blatant power grab from the Scottish Parliament.

“The amendments tabled by the UK government were clearly done so in a panic- they do nothing to stop a power grab on devolution and are more technical fluff than anything substantial.

“David Mundell first promised us a powers bonanza, then amendments to Clause 11 by Report Stage. Neither of these promises have been honoured.

“The haphazard approach to the tabling of these amendments highlights the chaos at the heart of the Scotland office.

“And now we find ourselves in the ludicrous situation where the future of Scotland’s devolution settlement rests with unelected peers in the House of Lords. 

“It’s no wonder people have lost faith in this Tory government to deliver on Brexit.”