IAN BLACKFORD:MP for Ross, Skye & Lochaber

The SNP’s Leader at Westminster, Ian Blackford MP, has said the Prime Minister must end the ‘desperate confusion’ over any customs arrangements with the EU following Brexit. After weeks of public squabbling – Theresa May is now trying to agree a position with her divided party and government  – with the talks with the EU at an apparent standstill.
Such is the disagreement in the government that Theresa May had to set up two working groups of key ministers to study the current options; the so-called Customs Partnership – under which the UK would collect tariffs on behalf the EU, or the tech-based, untested  ‘maximum facilitation’ proposal.
This week the Prime Minister is holding a series of meetings with her own backbenchers and the cabinet Brexit Committee is meeting in a last ditch attempt to come up with a solution.
Ian Blackford MP commented:
“Theresa May is showing an absence of any kind of leadership – while her government is divided and squabbling like cats in a sack in public. It beggars belief that there is still no coherent plan for one of the single most important elements of her chaotic, damaging Brexit.
“The Tories cannot even answer the most basic, straightforward questions on what the negotiating position of the UK government is. The Prime Minister has to override her Hard Brexit wing – and after two years of endless desperate confusion – make a decision.
“The problem is, the Prime Minister is scared of her own backbenches –  and is held hostage by her own ministers. So weak is her position that even when ministers describe her policies as ‘crazy‘ – she cannot sack them. This is her last ditch attempt to pull her own party together. 
“This Tory government stumbles on but can no longer continue being deaf to the growing chorus of calls to protect our economy, businesses and labour market by remaining in the customs union.
“The SNP has consistently called on the UK government to support Scotland and the UK’s membership of the customs union – which is crucial for protecting businesses and the living standards of millions of people across the UK.”