IAN BLACKFORD:MP for Ross, Skye & Lochaber

SNP Westminster Leader Ian Blackford MP has said that Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson should have been sacked for being a ‘national embarrassment’ months ago and his resignation today shows a Prime Minister with no authority and a government that has become an ‘chaotic circus’.
The comments came as the Foreign Secretary quit – just hours after the Brexit Secretary and two junior Brexit ministers resigned. This has added to the confusion and chaos following the Chequers summit which appeared to reach some agreement – only to see it unravel within hours.
Ian Blackford commented:
‘’Boris Johnson should have been sacked for being a national embarrassment months ago – not allowed to resign. His resignation shows the absolutely chaotic circus this government has become and shows a Prime Minister with no authority.
‘’The government is now paralysed in its own Brexit chaos. It has taken just two days for the last two years of Tory infighting to finally unravel – and we still have to wait until later this week to see the full White Paper from the government but reports and leaks from Chequers present some serious questions on the Prime Minister’s approach.
‘’These proposals – if they even survive – at best represent a starting point, and a cherry-picking starting point at that. It is hard to believe that it has taken the Prime Minister two years to even put together a proposal – but these resignations show a government out of control.
‘’At this absolutely crucial moment the Tories should be focussed on the Brexit negotiations, but yet again they are all putting their own selfish political interest ahead of the interests of the country.
‘’As the UK inches closer to a cliff-edge no-deal scenario – which threatens enormous damage to jobs, investment and living standards across Scotland and the rest of the UK – we see a government in chaos, and a Prime Minister struggling to lead her party, never mind her government.’’